- policy recommendations for the current administration -

  Legacy There is an approach to lunar return that would be far more historically significant than the current approach.
  American Space Leadership By developing an end-to-end commercial transport system to the Moon, the United States would lead the world's many nations into space.
  Starship Tipping Point The decision makers in DC need to figure out how SpaceX's Starship rocket fits into national space policy.
  Public-Private Partnerships The decision makers in DC need to partner with SpaceX and Blue Origin if NASA is to remain relevant in terms of its human spaceflight program.
  Private Workers First Should the first crew back to the Moon be NASA astronauts or "private" commercial workers? The historic difference is huge.
  Gateway When one considers the option of simply rendezvousing and transferring propellant, cargo, and crew modules, the Gateway becomes unnecessary.
  Commercial LEO Station There are many signs that a commercial space station in low Earth orbit will be a long-term drain on NASA's budget.

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