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The Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) is a proposed facility where space advocates can work to bring together our concepts for space development. It would include some habitats and hardware illustrating what a permanent base on the Moon and Mars could look like. It would be a physical location to focus our efforts to illustrate and demonstrate concepts which we hope will be recognized as valuable and so influence the manner in which the actual initial, permanent lunar and Martian bases would look like.

In comparison with other analogue bases, the MMAB concepts would be applicable to both the Moon and Mars, development and settlement-oriented, located where large number of people would see it every day, and primarily using inflatable structures.

Current plans are to locate the MMAB near Boca Chica, TX due to major SpaceX launches drawing very large crowds. But we plan on partnering with space advocates around the world and university and high school students. Our plan is to lease a property, raise funding for a more durable InstaBase and begin to conduct activities and intensive sessions to develop different aspects of the MMAB. Later, we will move the MMAB to Merritt Island, FL as crew launches start occurring there.

The Moon-Mars Analogue Base (MMAB) would follow a plan as it develops from a Space Fair with an InstaBase mock-up and displays to a leased property with a durable InstaBase, to funding for development with increasingly fidelity to the actual base to be sent to the Moon and Mars.

The InstaBase would be a large, inflatable habitat. It would have nine different modules providing the various functions needed by an Initial Permanent Crew to become partially self-reliant. Different modules would include living quarters, a WorkHab, two GreenHabs, and a SpinHab to provide full gravity for several hours a day. Dirt or water would be placed between two outer layers in order to provide protection from radiation, micrometeorites, and day-night thermal cycling.

Subsequently, specialty habs would be connected to the ever-expanding base. These habs would include the FarmHab, LifeSupportHab, MachiningHab, ResidenceHabs, MeetingHab, KitchenHab, GolfHab, etc.

The Moon-Mars Analogue Base development would result from formal and informal collaboration including with the local chapter of the National Space Society, faculty and students from the local and distant universities, local volunteers, members of the Space Development Network, and other organizations and individuals.

Each step of the development of the MMAB will provide an opportunity for media exposure to the project. The first major PR event will be the display of the full-scale mock-up of the InstaBase with Space Fair. The time-lapse of the "construction" of the InstaBase will graphically illustrate how easy it is to set up inflatable habitats. This would be followed by a series of public displays during major launches, improvements of the displays, facilitating members to collaborate in working groups, and seeking full philanthropic funding for the MMAB. Items such as the spacesuits for the crew and dog could garner considerable media attention as would simulations by teams.

The development of the MMAB would be funded primarily via philanthropic funding, potentially grants, and sales during the Space Fairs.

A side, but important project of the MMAB would be the Full Self-Reliance Project. This means figuring out how to use local resources on Mars to produce materials needed at a growing base.

Would you like to play a role in advancing space development by helping with any of a large number of projects that it entails? You don't have to live anywhere near Boca Chica, TX to help. First, please join the Space Development Network and specify your interests. Importantly, please be proactive in this process. Choose an area that you can help and reach out to us. Space advocates of any level of knowledge, training, and skill can help move the ball forward. Thanks!

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